Ashley & Todd

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Dancing in the snow flurries!
It was magical that we saw some snow this weekend here in Texas.
Ashley & Todd
We hope you enjoy this video that shows a peak into what our family is like and our adoption journey.
We like to have fun! Anywhere we go!
If you need a good laugh today, I encourage you to watch this on repeat. This video clip was taken 3 years ago now. Lillian has grown a few inches from then (she's tall for her age) but she still has a great sense of humor. We're obviously shopping and Lillian is making the most out of it. Lol. She's a ham which makes for lots of laughs in our home. We like to have fun...everywhere we go and we hope our children learn this from us.
Sweet Lillian and our dog Nessie
I captured this sweet moment of Lillian and Nessie. Every night before bed, Lillian snuggles with Nessie and gives her sweet hugs. Lillian has the biggest heart.
Hanging out over the weekend!
Who doesn't like a park slide? You can't help but smile or laugh while on one! We went to our local park this weekend and had so much fun. Memories in the making.....look who got caught on the slide. lol
A lil rock skipper tutorial
Take a look at Todd's rock skipping tutorial as he shows Lillian how to do it. He really is the best dad and loves creating memories with Lillian and showing her new things. And of course we all had a good laugh too!
A little weekend fun - Skipping rocks at the lake
Here's a video of us near the lake skipping rocks. Watch Lillian's reaction once Todd shows us how good of a rock skipper he is. It's great!
Get to Know Us
Hello! We thought we'd share a few minutes of us in our home. Our daughter Lillian asks us a few questions in this Get to Know Us video. The fun part about this was that we didn't know what the questions were going to be!
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